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TREETOP ADVENTURES IS THE Field Trip They’ll Talk ABout All Year!

Climbing in the park is a fun & educational field trip that:

Builds Confidence
Encourages Communication
Fosters Teamwork
Promotes Physical Activity

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(3-4 HOURS Depending on Size of Group)

The main experience at TreeTop Adventures is our State-of-the-Art High Ropes Course! Team building evolves naturally as climbers coach each other through elements (obstacles), witness and support each other, and celebrate each other’s successes!


  • 30 minute orientation (Safety Briefing, Harnessing & Practice)

  • 2.5+ Hours of Climbing

  • Weekday & Weekend School Group Rates available

  • Group Volume Discounts available to groups of 55 or more climbers

  • Chaperones Climb Free in a Ratio of 1:10 Students

  • Free parking available for buses

  • On-site picnic tables available for lunches

  • Food Delivery Available from Local Restaurants.



For smaller, motivated, high school leadership groups (student council, athletic team, student clubs), TreeTop Adventures’ Owner & Team Building Facilitator, Topher Kerr, will help customize a Low Ropes & Group Challenge Program for your outing.

Learn more about our TreeTop Team Building Academy & other additional offerings below!


Learn More about our TreeTop Team Building Academy
& Hear From Our Schools

TreeTop Adventures Team Building Academy

Our TreeTop Team Building Academy focuses on communication and teamwork and consists of low ropes team-building elements, and group problem solving activities.

Schools who are planning full day off-sites with may choose to add these activities on to their field trip package. We will work with your teachers and staff to discuss some of your group's ongoing themes, core values, and challenges. Based on your objectives, we will customize a selection of team building exercises to set your students up for a successful social and academic school year!

To plan your Field Trip, please fill out the contact form on this page, call us at 781-989-5800 x.102 or email

About Topher Kerr

Owner and General Manager, Topher Kerr, shares "at the core of every climber's experience in our Trees, is a simple and very empowering exclamation- 'I Did It!'”

This “I Did It!” spirit also guides the challenges and activities in the TreeTop Team Building Academy.

Topher believes that a group's success in Team Building depends on two experiential principles: Full-Participation and Empowerment.

When a group fully participates in an activity or challenge and is empowered to shape their team building experience, they are able to reinforce team goals, discover new initiatives and reach common ground.

Topher brings 25+ years of experience both facilitating and custom designing Team Building Challenges and Activities working in a wide array of settings:

· High School Leadership Conferences
· College Orientations
· City Year- Americorps Orientations
· Kenyan Student Exchanges
· Corporate Team-Building Outings
· High School, Club and College Athletic teams

School Testimonials: High Ropes Experience

"Over the past two years we have brought almost 600 sixth grade students to the park to work together and practice risk taking in a very supportive and safe environment. Our teachers have been thrilled with the staff of TreeTop Adventures and have repeatedly reported how much our kids support one another and grow during the fun day spent there."

- Kevin O’Rourke, Principal Sharon Middle School

"Wayland Middle School has been coming here for 3 years. Having 100+ students choosing their own adventure, pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, while all their peers cheer them on is magical. There’s something here for every level of ability. Put that aside, the staff is with you every step of the way watching, helping, cheering right with you. We love coming to TreeTop Adventures!"

- Susan Chisholm, Wayland Middle School Teacher

"It’s always a great field trip when we see students pushing their limits while overcoming many things they thought they couldn’t do, supporting other students and most importantly having fun and interacting with classmates they usually wouldn’t talk to!"

- Ryan Hamblett, Plouffe Academy

"My favorite part was watching my autistic students take on some serious independence, something I rarely see in the classroom. It was one of the best field trips my students have been on"

- Lisa LeClair, Dedham Middle School

"It was powerful to see the girls climbing together on so many different levels and I also loved the way you and your staff spoke with them so respectfully, like they were capable and able to do this, even if nervous."

- Debbie Hanney, Lincoln School

"TreeTop Adventures gave our students a wonderful experience. Our students self-reported that they were trying something they never thought they would be able to do and appreciated the change to push themselves, not just have someone push them.

They also told us that they deeply appreciated the fact that TreeTop Adventures trusted them to learn how to zip and then correct themselves throughout the process, so they felt that the really learned something rather than just do it with an adult coaching them.

Lastly, we felt cooperation and teamwork grow in our group after TreeTop, as kids encouraged and supported each other and celebrated how far different students went in the course."

- Kathleen Shaughnessy, Kipp School