TreeTop Adventures utilizes the most state of the art safety harness system in the world. This system has been used since 2010 and has more than 15,000 units in use with no accidents associated with its use. Over a million climbers have safely climbed using this system in the Unites States alone since 2010.

After arriving at TreeTop Adventures, Trail Monitors fit participants with harnesses, and check to ensure that the harnesses fit securely. Trail Monitors will then attach a Smart Safe Belay “SSB” system to the participant with two transfer lanyards that are always “locked on” – mechanically only one can be unlocked at a time ensuring that the participants are always on the safety cable line. These clips are designed so there is no way a climber can disconnect from a safety cable while climbing. A video demonstration of the system is available through this video.

The Trail Monitors provide a safety briefing to train climbers to clip into safety cables that parallel each element the climber crosses.

Participants then move to the Practice Area where the Trail Monitors observe the participants using the equipment.

After the briefing and practice, the participants move to the Starting Platform to begin their self-guided TreeTop Adventure!

Trail Monitors are also stationed throughout the park, ready to assist climbers as necessary.