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We held our son’s (9yo) birthday there with 10 kids. The kids and parents had a blast! The staff was excellent. It was safe and fun. We plan on going back next season!
— Brian A
My grandson went to a birthday party here a few weeks ago! He had the best time! He immediately wanted to set another date to go again! Zip Line was the Best!
— Huey C
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Went to Tree Top Adventures with 8 family members of all ages 10 to 65. Everyone had a wonderful time, It was fun and challenging. Can’t wait to go back. Thank you.
— Joanne C
The setting, the features, the ziplines, all first rate. The safety equipment is state-of-the-art and the staff is absolutely fantastic at giving visitors a level of confidence in using it. Never at any time did any of us feel unsafe, threatened or afraid. There were a couple of times we did have questions that any newbie would have, and there was a multitude of Staff members available immediately as soon as they heard the word “staff”. We cannot wait to go again.
— Bonnie P
The staff were positive and encouraged me. The park is beautiful and the amount of work that must have went into it is amazing. My 7 year old son loved it. It was very busy and every staff member I talked to took time and was very helpful. I will be back. I may just spectate but I will be back! My son may become a regular climber though!
— Kelly H
Kids and adults had a great time. Great that it is so close. 3 hrs and we got on 3 of the courses. Looking forward to coming back and doing another 3 courses.
— David D
Starting as someone where the greens were a challenge to finishing the black it truly is a place that embraces challenge by choice and is made for all abilities. Going when the lights are on is the coolest thing and adds just a bit more of the wow factor. All the staff members are incredibly knowledgable and always willing to help and answer any questions. One hint, use the bathroom before you get harnessed! (:
— Amanda L
I called to give them a heads up about a family members anxiety and they told me no worries. We showed up the staff was first class. From getting the equipment to safety to practice to getting started. Each and every person made all the 7 and 8 and 42 year old rookies feel like experts. Off my daughters went full of confidence and soaring to new heights. Amazing to watch. Molly/Topher the organization and place is top notch. Great place for young kids, teams, schools. If you don’t take advantage of TreeTop Adventures and what they offer you are missing out. Not to mention how they treated my non climber and took care of her. My climber and non climber are both asking to go back tomorrow morning. Great job TreeTop Adventures.
— Kirk F