TreeTop Adventures Canton | Park Rules

Rules & Policies


Every climber at TreeTop Adventures must complete a Waiver Form.

If a guest is under 18 years of age a parent/guardian must complete a waiver on their behalf. Waivers remain on file for 1 year from the date they are signed. If you come back within a year, you do not need to complete the waiver again, we can look it up for you! The only exception to this is if you turn 18 within the year. Once a climber turns 18, they will need to sign their own waiver.


Age, Height & Weight Restrictions

  • Climbers must be at least (7) seven years old.

  • Climbers must be shorter than 6’7″. There is no height minimum.

  • Climbers must weigh between 35-265 lbs.

Course Rules:

  • Use all equipment safely and as directed.

  • Follow all instructions given by Staff.

  • When in doubt, ask a Staff member for assistance.

  • All Climbers must start with a beginner (yellow) or intermediate (green) trail. An Advanced (blue) trail must be completed before going onto the expert (black) course.

  • One person on an element (obstacle) at a time—climbers must wait until the climber in front of them has safely arrived to the next platform before they begin.

  • Only three people are permitted on a platform at a time.

  • Be respectful of other guests and the members of our staff. 

  • If necessary, allow faster climbers to pass on platforms.

  • Alcohol and smoking in the park are strictly prohibited. The Irish Cultural Centre does have a pub, and climbers must wait until after their climb to drink alcohol. If Staff becomes aware of a climber under the influence of drugs or alcohol the climber will be asked to leave with no refund.

  • Leave the course better than you found it—Please be sure to gather your belongings and clean up any trash that you’ve created.

  • Management reserves the right to ask anyone in breach of these rules to leave TreeTop Adventures.

Appropriate Attire

  • Closed toe shoes (No sandals, ballet flats, Crocs, or flip-flops)

  • Comfortable athletic wear or jeans. Short Shorts tend to ride up and harness leg straps may irritate skin.

  • No dangling jewelry.

  • Eyeglass holders like “croakies” are recommended.

  • Long hair must be tied back.

  • Zip pockets or fanny packs for valuables (IDs, Credit Cards, Fitbits).

  • Keys must be hung on our “Key Valet” in the harnessing area or secured in a bag/backpack in the cubbies by our main platform.

Cell Phone Policy:

  • In general we recommend that people leave cell phones in their cars.

  • If you need to have your phone on you, please make sure that you secure your cell phone in a secured zip-pocket or fanny pack.

Cancellation & Reschedule Policy:

  • Reservations can be cancelled any time up until the start time of your reservation.

  • Because of our generous cancellation policy, we do not issue refunds. You will receive a gift card as compensation for your payment which will arrive in your email.

  • Gift Cards never expire and can be used as payment when you are ready to make another online reservation.

  • To "Cancel" your reservation: Locate the “Confirmation email” that was sent when your reservation was booked, click the "View/Manage Reservation" at the top of the email, scroll to the bottom of your reservation dashboard, click “Cancel Reservation”.

  • No Shows/No Call or Email will forfeit the Gift Card Compensation.

Inclement Weather Policy:

  • We are open light rain or shine! Please arrive dressed and prepared for the weather.

  • In the event of extreme weather (thunder/lightning, downpour, or high winds— sustained winds of 28 mph with gusts over 40 mph), the courses may have to temporarily close until the weather passes (similar to a swimming-pool).

  • TreeTop Adventures staff have full discretion on inclement weather closings and will inform climbers of any closures at the main platform.

  • TreeTop Staff are trained to bring climbers down quickly and safely from the course in the event of a sudden change in weather.

  • If it is necessary to close the park for a prolonged period of time, climbers will be given the option to extend their ticket end time and wait it out (depending on availability) or receive a pro-rated voucher (depending on the time left in your climb) for your next visit.

  • If there is already inclement weather before your arrival time, you can reschedule your reservation to another day. Please see our “Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy” above.

Twilight Shorter CLimb Policy:

  • Twilight ‘Shorter Climb’ Tickets are the LAST Climb Time of the day.

  • These discounted tickets are valid the Last 2.5 hours BEFORE the park closes (e.g. If we close at 8pm, the Twilight Tickets start time is 5:30pm). 

  • To ensure the best experience, please arrive 15 minutes before the Twilight Shorter Climb time begins.

  • No more reservations will be accepted after the "Twilight Shorter Climb" time-slot has passed.

End of Day Closing Policies:

  • We will close our more challenging trails (2) Greens-Giant’s Causeway & Cliffs of Moher, (2) Blues & (1) Black 30 minutes BEFORE close to allow climbers enough time to finish these more challenging trails.

  • If you have not yet reached the halfway point on our Black trail (Single Black to Double Black) 15 minutes before the park closes, you MUST take the escape to the ground.

  • The main platform will be closed 15 minutes before the park closes for the day. No new trails can be started once the main platform is closed.