Night Climbing

Our Course is LIT!

When the sun goes down the lights come on and we zip-line and climb into the night! The entire park, including all 10 trails is lit softly with white outdoor lighting. The effect is magical.


Friday & Saturday Night Lights
Zip-Line under our white lights.
Saturday Nights, climb under the lights and enjoy music in the trees!


Twilight Shorter Climb Ticket:

Our last ticket sale of the day is our "Twilight Shorter Climb" Ticket which is sold 2.5 hours BEFORE our park closes (e.g. If we close at 8pm, the last ticket sale of the day is 5:30pm; If we close at 9:30 pm, the last ticket sale of the day is 7pm). View our Hours Here.


Twilight Shorter Climb Policies:

  • To ensure you have the best climbing experience, please arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your reservation start time to allow time to complete waivers/check-in and use restrooms.

  • No more reservations will be accepted after the "Twilight Shorter Climb" time-slot has passed.


Please note our trail closing policies:

  • We will close our more challenging trails (2 Greens, 2 Blues & Black) 30 minutes BEFORE close to allow climbers enough time to finish these more challenging trails.

  • If you have not yet reached the halfway point on our Black trail (Single Black to Double Black) 15 minutes before the park closes, you MUST take the escape to the ground.

  • The main platform will be closed 15 minutes before the park closes for the day. No new trails can be started once the main platform is closed


Got a suggestion for our night climbing music?
Please share your suggestion below and we will try to incorporate it into our playlist!