We are very aware of & understand the concerns and reality of the EEE virus.

Our course, located in Canton, MA, is in the moderate area of the EEE risk map. The High Risk & Critical areas have been primarily located further South & to the West of Canton.

The Town of Canton was comprehensively sprayed in April of 2019 via helicopter which took off from the fields at the Irish Cultural Centre, adjacent to our course.

TreeTop Adventures has taken the additional measures:

  • The TreeTop Adventures course itself was sprayed in May, June & August, and will be sprayed again 9/10-9/16.

  • According to the Department of Public Health, mosquitoes that are likely to carry EEE become active at dusk (just after sunset).

    • Monday-Thursday, our course closes by 6pm at the latest.

    • Sunday our course closes at 7pm

    • Friday & Saturdays our course closes at 8pm (except for 3 special events between now and the end of the season on November 12th)

  • From 4pm on we offer complementary High Strength Mosquito repellent (40% DEET). Most mosquito sprays with DEET only contain 25% DEET.

When climbing in our park, we recommend that our climbers take personal precautions against mosquito bites. These steps include using EPA- approved bug spray (with DEET) and wearing long sleeves, pants/leggings and socks to reduce exposed skin.

  • If you already have a reservation booked for 4pm and on and would like to reschedule to an earlier time in the day, you can cancel your reservation at any time through the link in the confirmation email that you received when you booked your reservation. You will automatically receive a gift card that can be used when re-booking your reservation on our website.