Birthday Party FAQ

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions specific to Birthday Parties. For general information please check out our General FAQs.

What are the birthday party rates?

Birthday Party Pricing is available for groups of 10 or more and is based on weekday and weekend/holiday pricing.

Weekday Birthday Parties are $390 for 10 climbers ($39/person)

Weekend/Holiday Parties are $450 for 10 climbers ($45/person)

The pricing above includes the birthday climber, as well as any party guests and can be any mixture of adults and kids. These reservations are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can book a birthday party online here.

You can reserve up to 15 tickets online and we can add on any more tickets that you may need once you make a reservation. Full Payment is due at the time of booking. We recommend reserving and paying for the most realistic number of climbers in the group. Once all of your RSVPs come in we can add on tickets, and process additional payment.

Please call our office (781) 989-5800, or email us at to add additional tickets onto your reservation.

What is included in the Birthday Party Package?

birthday-party-package-items The Birthday Party Package includes:

• Gear for a minimum of 10 climbers (kids and adults). Additional climbers over the 10 person group package will be charged on a per person basis at the discounted birthday party rate.

• 2.5 hours of climbing in the park plus a 30 minute orientation.
• Reserved picnic tables for the group.

• TreeTop Adventures drawstring goodie bags for all guests with a carabiner, rubber bracelet and “Tree Bucks” coupon.

• A TreeTop Adventures t-shirt for the guest of honor!

What times are available to schedule birthday parties?

We can book birthday parties every hour on the 45 minute mark (i.e. 9:45am, 10:45am, etc.). Birthday Parties do tend to get sold out, so we recommend booking as soon as you have a date and time in mind. In general, it is best to book a party at least two weeks in advance to give your guests time to plan for your party.

Click HERE for more birthday party information, and to reserve online.

Do adults have to climb with the birthday party?

Adults are not required to climb with the birthday party, however, having adults climb and attend the party can be helpful, particularly with younger kids. Having an extra set of hands to supervise, setup food/drinks, and climb with kids is very helpful. To be considered an adult on the trails, you must be 18 or older.

The minimum age to climb on our trails is 7 years old and kids will have access to different trails based on their age. Please refer to the climbing chart below when planning your party.

climbing chart with age guidelines
"Supervised from the ground" means that a parent/guardian needs to be in the park observing the children, but does not need to climb (no ticket required for the adult).

"Climb with adult" means that the children need to climb on the trail with an adult in a 1 adult to 3 children ratio (ticket required for adult).

Can adults pay for their own tickets?

If adults want to climb with the party, they can do so at the discounted birthday party rate. If you do not want to pay for all of the adults to climb, they can pay for their own ticket when checking-in. Please email us at at least three days in advance with your final climber count. We will add on additional tickets for any adults that want to climb, you can send them the waiver link, and they can pay when your party is checking-in.

Please note that this will increase your check-in time, so you will want to tell those adults to arrive a little early to get their payment taken care of.

What if I end up needing more Birthday Party Tickets than expected?

You can reserve up to 15 tickets online, but if you expect more than 15 quests at your party we can add on as many tickets as you need. We always recommend reserving the minimum number of tickets for now. You can contact us with your final climber count as soon as your RSVPs come in. We will add tickets to your reservation and take additional payment.

The minimum number of tickets to get the discounted rate is 10. If you have less than 10 climbers, we will send you a gift card for any unused tickets.

If you have last minute add-ons to the party, we generally can add tickets to your reservation at check-in, but sometimes we do get fully booked and cannot accept last minute add-ons. In general, it is best to have your climber count finalized with us at least 3 days before your reservation.

What if I have last minute add-ons to the party guest list?

If you have last minute add-ons to the party, we generally can add tickets to your reservation at check-in, but sometimes we do get fully booked and cannot accept last minute add-ons. In general, it is best to have your climber count finalized with us at least 3 days before your reservation.

What if some party guests are going to arrive late to the party?

Guests who arrive late to the party will have to go through a separate safety briefing and practice session. Once they do that, they will be able to find their friends and join in on the fun.

The guest who arrived late will have less time to climb in the trees, since the party will be coming down for food/cake. If a guest is going to arrive between 45min-1hr late, that should still be enough time to experience a couple of trails. If a guest is going to arrive more than an hour late, they may not get on as many trails, but they can still enjoy the food/cake portion of the party. Arriving 2 hours late will not give the guest enough time to go through the safety briefing or trails. They are still welcome to come for food/cake, however, they will not be able to climb.

When checking-in, you will want to tell the staff member who is going to be arriving late, and leave their tickets at check-in for the guest(s) to pick up.

What time should I tell the guests to arrive?

This will depend on when you plan on having food/cake. If you want to have food/cake before climbing, then factor in about 45 minutes before your reservation for food and another 15 minutes for guests getting stuck in traffic/showing up a little late. For example, if your party tickets are booked at 2:45pm and you want to have food before climbing, tell your guests to arrive at 1:45pm.

If you plan on having food after your climb, you should tell guests to arrive 15 minutes before your climb time. For example, if your birthday tickets are at 2:45pm, tell your guests the safety briefing starts at 2:30pm to get them to arrive a little early. This will give you enough time to check-in and gather all of the party guests before starting your climb.

Your 3 hour climb time does not start until we print out your tickets, so no worries if you get caught in traffic, or are running a little behind schedule!

Is food available for our birthday party?

TreeTop Adventures DOES NOT have the ability to make or store food. Additionally, we do not provide utensils, plates, etc. Therefore, we do not recommend bringing anything that needs to stay cold like Icecream cake, or other frozen desserts.

There are several pizza places that deliver directly to our park. Click here for a list of nearby restaurants that deliver to TreeTop Adventures. We do have picnic tables available for your use and you can bring a cooler(s) to keep things cold.

We recommend calling the restaurant in the morning on the day of your party to place your order, and tell them what time you will want the food delivered. We generally recommend having pizza/cake before, or after your climb time. The exact time will depend on the time of day that you plan on booking your party.

For example, if you reserved tickets in the morning at 10:45am, you may want to have food/cake after your climb time (when it is closer to lunch time). If you reserved tickets in the afternoon/evening, you may want to have food/cake beforehand so your guests don't get hungry when climbing.

Your 3 hour climb time starts when we print out your tickets, so if you plan on eating before you climb, tell the staff members at check-in so they can print your tickets out later.

How do I tell guests/parents to fill out liability waivers?

Liability Waivers are required for anyone who wishes to climb. We use a digital waiver system, which has a very conveinant way of inviting parents/guests to fill out online waivers.

When you make a reservation for your birthday party, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a reservation dashboard where you will be able to invite guests to fill out waivers via text or email OR you can copy a link to the digital waiver that you can paste into an email or e-vite, or print onto physical mail invitations. The confirmation email includes instructions for both of these methods.

What is the Birthday Party Cancellation and Weather Policy?

Birthday Party Cancellation and Inclement Weather Policy:

TreeTop Adventures can still operate in the rain, and climbing in the rain is still safe and fun! If you plan on climbing in the rain, please arrive dressed for the weather. If you do not want to have your birthday party in the rain, there are some options:

• Birthday Parties can be cancelled 3 days out from the event with a full refund. Please call us at (781) 989-5800 or email us at and we will cancel the reservation and refund your credit card.

• Birthday Parties that are cancelled within the 3-day timeframe will not be eligible for a refund, however, we can reschedule your party or issue a gift card for the full amount of your reservation, which can be used for a future reservation. Gift Cards never expire. You can cancel your reservation from your reservation dashboard. A Gift Card will be automatically generated and sent to your email address.

• In the event of extreme weather (thunder/lightning or high winds), the courses may have to temporarily close – similar to a swimming pool – until the weather passes. TreeTop Adventures staff has full discretion on high wind closings and will inform climbers of any closures at the main platform.

• If we see severe weather in the forecast, we will reach out to you to reschedule or send you a gift card for your party. If a full park closing due to weather occurs during your visit, you will be given the option to extend your ticket time and wait it out (depending on availability), or receive a prorated voucher (depending on the time left in your climb) for your next visit.

• Groups that are a “no-show” for their reservation on the reserved day/time are not eligible to be refunded or rescheduled.

Park Map & Picnic Locations

Below is a map of our park with the locations of the picnic areas.

We will reserve picnic tables for your birthday party. The tables are 10ft wooden tables. You can bring tablecloths if you would like, however, our tables are in nice condition.

When you check-in on the day of your party, we will give you a box with some extra supplies (candles, lighter and a trash bag), and will give you this map with the location of your tables.

TreeTop Adventures Park Map