About Us

What is TreeTop Adventures?

TreeTop Adventures is a high ropes and obstacle course located in Canton, MA. Our 10 trails range in difficulty level from beginner (yellow) to expert (black) and consist of obstacles like rolling logs, bridges, ladders, tight ropes, zip-lines and more!

As one progresses through the difficulty levels, the bridges become less stable under your feet requiring more balance, agility, focus and arm strength. Climbing at Treetop Adventures is about personal challenge and achievement. There is not a correct way of crossing the bridges. We leave it up to you to figure out the most efficient way of getting from platform to platform.

Our trails are built for climbers ages 7 and up. Every age and fitness level will find trails that are both challenging and achievable. The experience is safe, fun and most importantly exciting!

About the Aerial Forest Park Model


The Aerial Forest Park (AFP) is a new concept in the U.S., but in Europe (France, Switzerland, England, Austria, and Germany) it has become a very popular experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages. Families, friends and individuals are involved in healthy outdoor activities, building strength, endurance, and confidence. They provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and the beauty of nature. These parks contain trails made of small platforms constructed at various levels in the trees. The platforms are connected by different types of bridges (that represent obstacles) and participants, using safety harnesses, maneuver from platform to platform. The parks operate with virtually no negative environmental impact and the trees (our most important assets) are well cared for and protected. “We maintain the forest. A healthy forest is good for our business and nature,” Wellman said. “Our message is really all about people getting out in the outdoors, recreating in the outdoors, playing and getting in the fresh air.”

Who We Are

TreeTop Adventures, locally owned by Christopher Kerr, is dedicated to bringing outdoor enjoyment to individuals of all ages. TreeTop Adventures is a place where you can appreciate nature while engaging in activities that are fun, challenging, build confidence, and are good for your health. Opportunity for adventure is boundless at TreeTop Adventures!